Hey Friends! Thank you for stopping by and wanting to get to know me. I’m Yolfi and I was born in New York City, where I was first introduced to the fashion Lifestyle. It wasn’t until  I moved to Rhode Island (14yrs ago) where my love for Fashion grew since it’s not as expressed in this city.

I’m currently obsessed with mixing dope architectural, street style and Runway.

In this blog you’ll see that fashion comes so naturally to me. It’s a vision that I see and I have to make it come to life. Want to share this passion with others so they can learn and gain self confidence about themselves. My Personal style is “Feeling on top of the world without having to spend like you did.”


A Rose has architectural beauty, soft delicate petals with a powerful ability to express love. -yolfi

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                                                                  (image credit: ©Kaiyakkuma)