Celine Rabbit Fur-Lined Heels


Celine is a french ready-to-wear and leather good luxury brand. They happened to be one of my fave designers, which explains this current post. When I first saw these heels, I can admit…they did look strange. How can this fur-lined heel compliment women’s toes or what if your feet start to sweat? These unique heels created some controversy in the media after Kim K. West was seen wearing them on a date night with husband Kanye West. I believe that Kanye is a true artist who doesn’t hold back, his ideas have a way of transforming things into something we haven’t seen before and make them come to life. I’m sure he had some influence with Kim wearing these heels and I appreciate that because if not, then where else would we have a chance to see these babies.


(top – Date Nate with Kanye on December 18, 2014)


 (bottom- Kim arriving in DC for the BET Honors on January 24, 2015) photo credit: kimklookbook

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