White Glam.

Hey Babes! Sorry it took me a while to blog my next post but I’ve been so caught up lately. I promise great things to come. Plus, I have a fun smart growing to 2yr old that we dedicate our full attention to. Aside from the many things she has learned on her own, there has been a lot of the things we had taught her and now she can eat on her own, she cleans up after herself, impressively she spells out every word she sees and counts to 20 all by herself!

Anyway let’s get back to fashion with this Outfit of the day. I love how glamorous I look in this outfit and yet so simple to piece together! I wore this for my friend’s Grad Party which I was perfect for the occasion. A little sexy yet clean, polished and profesh! (professional lol)

(links for the items are below)





White Bralette Top: http://shop.2020ave.com/products/seamless-padded-bra?variant=706269345

White Midi Skirt:  http://us.asos.com/ASOS-Midi-Pencil-Skirt-in-Jersey/15ug1d/?iid=4897338&clr=White&SearchQuery=white+midi+skirt&pgesize=63&pge=0&totalstyles=63&gridsize=3&gridrow=12&gridcolumn=3&mporgp=L2Fzb3MvYXNvcy1taWRpLXBlbmNpbC1za2lydC1pbi1qZXJzZXkvcHJvZC8.

White Lapel Waist Coat: http://www.choies.com/product/white-lapel-double-breasted-waistcoat-with-waist-tie_p27984

Heels: Christian Louboutins – Sold Out

*** (these shoes will Substitute just fine!) http://www.lolashoetique.com/high-reputation-nude/

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