Scarlett’s Model Behavior.

How adorable is Scarlett especially in this OOTD! I’m obsessed with her yeezus tee that Erica Mena bought her which by the way she’s soo amazing and thoughtful. Thanks boo!ūüíč This North West tee is too darn cute especially because I feel like they resemble each other.

I love dressing Scarlett Rose up like any mother loves dressing up their lil ones. Individuality is an art and I can’t wait to see her blossom in it.

  • Leather Jacket is from Target
  • White pants from Carters
  • Boots are from Ralph Lauren
  • North West tee was a gift from Erica Mena purchased in a Boutique in LA.





White Glam.

Hey Babes! Sorry it took me a while to blog my next post but I’ve been so caught up lately. I promise great things to come. Plus, I have a fun smart growing to 2yr old that we dedicate our full attention to. Aside from the many things she has learned on her own,¬†there has been¬†a lot of the things we had¬†taught her and now she can eat on her own, she cleans up after herself, impressively she spells out every word she sees and counts to 20 all by herself!

Anyway let’s get back to fashion with this Outfit of the day. I love how glamorous I look in this outfit and yet so simple to piece together! I wore this for my friend’s Grad Party which I was perfect for the occasion. A little sexy yet clean, polished and profesh! (professional lol)

(links for the items are below)





White Bralette Top:

White Midi Skirt:

White Lapel Waist Coat:

Heels: Christian Louboutins – Sold Out

*** (these shoes will Substitute just fine!)

Pink Blush

I’ve dreamt of wearing this outfit months ago so I finally decided to put it together and girllllllllll! This fur oblong is versatile in many ways. You can pair it with a blouse or a coat. I went a little sexy and wore a pink leather crop top with a pink leather midi skirt. I hope you guys love this as much as I do!










(This shoe might be out stock, if so I added three links of heels that I suggest will pair nicely!)


Proper Pink.

Hey Babes! Im so happy¬†that I decided to finally shoot indoor being that the weather in New England hasn’t been in our favor. On top of that I’ve been battling a sinus infection…ugh.

Anyway, where should I start? You guys know I’m crazy about long structured jackets & dusters so it’s only right that when I saw this baby for $20 at forever21, I’d had to cop. There’s something soft and sweet about light pink with light grey. I also added black leather (*a hint of bad ass) just to balance it out. This street-style look is perfect for being on-the-go.









TShirt¬†¬† (I wore a plain white shirt, this link is for the “diamond” t-shirt)



Pink Duster Jacket is from Forever21, unfortunately¬†they are sold out. So I decided to add two links, similar and as close to the Jacket that I’m wearing.


Fringin’ it.

I’m all about fringe these days. So when I saw this fringe tote at H&M I just had to buy her and ¬†yes, I said her.

Buying an item (such as clothes) that has alot of versatility has great value. Which is why light grey is such a great cool tone that can be pair with almost anything. As for this chic sweater dress…let’s just say I can wear it¬†all day! ūüôā



  • Shakuhachi Neoprene Knee High Boot from SOLD OUT!

Winter in the Park.

Man! New England is having a brutal winter. From blizzards snow storms to negative degree weather, it has been almost impossible to get out of the house. Yesterday’s weather on the other hand, was perfect for this modern chic winter look. These knee¬†high boots though! They are make out of Neo Prene fabric¬†for a sexy, sleek, comfortable¬†fit. I love an outfit that can make me feel empowering and¬†that’s the vibe I’m getting right now ūüėČ




&¬†what girl wouldn’t like to feel empowering?

  • Coat:
  • Dress:
  • Knee High boots : Shakuhachi from
  • Sunnies: Ray-band
  • Clutch: Louis Vuitton

Dose of Personality.

I’m so digging this Guys! I love whimsical fashion, it such a fun¬†playful¬†artistic way of expressing yourself. Some designers have created¬†amazing garments &¬†accessories with faces in which it¬†adds a dose of personality to your look.

Screenshot_2015-02-03-21-34-48-1Backpack: Chloe, Leather eyes sticker:

Screenshot_2015-02-03-21-33-01-1Earrings:, Clutch: Charlotte Olympia, Scarf: Valentino

Screenshot_2015-02-03-22-18-45-1Clutch: Stella McCartney, top/shoes:, Skirt: Reed Krakoff

tumblr_nf7yw3kABM1tgeehro1_1280Ankle Booties: Christian Louboutin, Monster Tote: Fendi

I recently came across a talented photographer on Instagram by the name of @theCollecteur and I instantly fell in love! These photos are her work of art. She styles and creates high fashion with the use of colorful and quirky imagery. Much Respect!

To see more of @theCollecteur work click here